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Clients SEO Question Series

Client’s SEO Question Series: – Should I Invest _$X.xx_ on my site for _{any-task}_? A typical question we hear from our clients is – Should I/we invest $_X.xx_ on {fill-in-the-blank} project on the website? One of the secrets of the internet marketing is that there is a way to measure impact of efforts on pretty much anything. Because [...]

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Search Engine Optimization with Google Instant

On the month of November 2010, Google launched Google Instant and most of us were loving it. Other than one of my friend’s facebook status said – “Google, let me finish typing what I am trying to search for.”, everyone else liked it. Yahoo shortly followed suit as well. So we are all in world [...]

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How to Remove An Undesired Link From Google?

Link-building Strategy – Removing An Undesired Link From Google? Recently one of our existing clients came up with unique (not so unique for SEO professionals) question: Is there a way I can remove the first link on Google when I search my own name? Background: Our esteemed client wanted to ensure that the first thing [...]

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Meet MountPort Talent – Ready To be Dazzled?

Internet Marketing Shangrila: We are the experts in SEO, SEM, Web Development and full cycle of Internet Marketing including mass mail, drip campaign. Providing World-Class IT Services: Web Applications, Web Design and Development, SEO/SEM, System Integration, Hosting, Support and Training To learn more, please contact us at contact {at} mountport {dot} com. Note: Requests to [...]

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