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Search Engine Market Share October 2011

Google-Yahoo-Bing Market Share 2011

Search Engine Market Share, October 2011

As we all know, Search Engine Market Share is always changing, and this is more interesting since Bing has pushed with all its might to capture some market share from Google, the behemoth of search. Recently, it’s seeing some success due to heavy marketing of Bing as well its partnership with Yahoo on both organic ranking as well as “Pay per click” listings. Well, Bing getting smarter as well.

According to latest release of number from comScore, Bing is gaining a bit while Google has lost some ground in year to year numbers.

Current Search Engine Market Share

As of October 2011, here is the current search engine market share.

Google = 65.6% | Same time last year = 66.3% ( down 0.7%)

Yahoo: 15.2%

Bing: 14.8%

comScore has full details on how it was calculated.

For SEO professionals, what does these numbers mean?
Well, basically it means the time has come to pay attention of Bing as well on Google. Between Bing and Yahoo the market share is approximately 35% which no one can afford to ignore.

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